Patricia & Team Canada @ Multisport Worlds 2019 in Pontevedra, Spain

Patricia & family have made it to Spain, and tonight (Fri Apr 26th) Patricia along with all the athletes competing at Worlds will start the week of competitions and celebrations with the Opening Ceremonies and the Parade of Nations. This week the events that will be contested are: the long course triathlon, duathlon, aqua-bike, aquathlon and cross triathlon events. Patricia is competing on Thursday May 2nd in the aquathlon. Results will be posted here, and will also be available on the ITU website. Triathlon Worlds are in August in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Where’s Patricia?  Hint: the only athlete giving a hi-5

A bit of background on Patricia’s multi-sport training & racing so that all TOETTees appreciate exactly what Patricia has achieved – even before she competes in Spain – and what is a definite opportunity for all TOETTees… to compete at Triathlon & Multisport Worlds.

Patricia was not an age group (youth) athlete, her foray into sport started as an adult.

Patricia started to run in 2008 for the first time on a treadmill, but actually she says it was mainly walking because she couldn’t run more than 2 minutes. As she and her husband Andres got more comfortable on the treadmill, they started to venture outside for short runs. Patricia shares that “we were not doing it in a disciplined way, our lives were busy studying, with exams, everything all at once. We ran our first 5k in Waterloo in 2013 on Father’s Day.” Shortly thereafter running came to an end as Patricia started to experience pain while training. So the focus shifted to… swimming. In February 2015, Patricia joined the Burlington Masters Swim Club (BMSC) and signed up for the Learn2Swim program. This is how Patricia and I met, as I was the head coach of BMSC at the time.

In 2016, she and Andres started running again as the pain had subsided, and ever since its been full steam ahead as both a TOEST and TOETT athlete, with the entire family in tow.

Patricia qualified for Multisport Worlds by placing 1st in her age category at the Stroke & Stride Aquathlon 2018 event which was the host for the Triathlon Ontario Provincial Aquathlon Championships at Gulliver`s Lake, Hamilton.

Parade of Nations

Team Kenya with some of the fastest runners in the competition. There are a couple Kenyan men who will be competing in duathlon and are able to run a sub 30min 10k. Now, their cycling is not at a comparable level but cannot wait to see the results from their event.

Open Water Swim Training Opportunity/ Swim Course Reconnaisance

The water is 12-13 degrees! See Patricia’s face as she steps in. The Lake Ontario swimming with Carolina will be an advantage for Patricia. How many other athletes have been in water this chilly?

Results from the first day of competition – the duathlon – have been posted.  Today – Tuesday April 30th – the cross triathlon event is being held and results should be available within a few hours. Click HERE to link to the Pontevedra2019 website which has event details including distances.

Swim Course – for Cross Tri, Long Course Tri, Aquathlon and Aquabike events

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Swim course viewed from turnaround

Run course overlooking swim

 Final Pre-Race Course Reconnaisance/Training Session

Patricia with other Team Canada athletes

From Patricia:

Today we did the swim and run familiarization!

The water still cold, but I’m getting use to it. The first half is against the current, so it feels like never ends! Coming back is fast, easy to see the landmarks.

The run course is mainly flat, there is a little part at the turn around that is steep but not that much. We need to do 2 laps.

The final day is tomorrow! I can’t believe is already done!!

Patricia @ ITU Aquathlon World Championship Finish Line

Click on the results above to link to the full age group results

On her way to placing 12th in her age category, Patricia ran to a 20sec PB for 5km!
Amazing work Patricia, and congratulations!

1,230 athletes competed in the Sprint & Standard Duathlons
520 competed in the Cross Triathlon
850 competed in the Aquathlon
470 competed in Aquabike
895 competed in the Long Course Triathlon

!!  3,900 athletes in all competed @Multisport Worlds 2019  !!

Note to all Ironman fans… that’s way way bigger than Ironman World Champs in Hawaii.
Plus, athletes enjoy participating in the Parade of Nations, and Opening and Closing Ceremonies for their event.

Pontevedra welcomes the athletes of the 2019 ITU Multisport Championships

ITU 2019 Cross Triathlon Championship highlights

ITU 2019 Duathlon World Championships – Elite Men’s highlights

ITU 2019 Duathlon World Championships – Elite Women’s highlights