Independent unbiased research states unequivocally through what we refer to as the J curve and reverse J curve, that in all cases hi intensity training poses a greater risk to an individual’s health than moderate intensity training. With respect to upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) hi intensity training poses a greater risk than both moderate and even no or low intensity training; its only in the case of cardiovascular disease where low intensity or no training poses the greatest risk.

The medical profession knows the J curves – or at least it should – considering that cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death, and respiratory disease is #3 right after cancer, and with Covid in the mix, deaths from respiratory disease just saw a significant uptick in recent months. Yet despite the research being clear… no one speaks out against hi intensity training, especially for novice and intermediate/sport level athletes. If expert/professional level athletes want to take the risk, so be it, but since moderate intensity training poses the lowest risk to health… why… why is hi intensity training not being flagged by the medical profession as a threat to people’s health? Now more so than ever! How’s that? Well… heard of Covid19? And Covid is what? Right, a respiratory disease that enters the body via the lungs. If hi intensity training (HiiT) compromises the respiratory system – the lungs – then why the hell is anyone doing any amount of HiiT? Why would anyone want to compromise their lungs these days…. beyond those with a death wish?

If HiiT is so healthy, why are researchers studying increasing aerobic capacity as a treatment for Covid19 and not HiiT/anaerobic capacity (see prior post)?

Think back to the last spin class, bootcamp, Tabata or CrossFit-esque session that you experienced.  Remember the burning in the lungs? Remember the need to cough, or repeatedly clear the throat, or wipe/blow the nose, or the need to drink and drink and then drink (to rehydrate… especially your lungs)? All of these signs & symptoms are evidence that you compromised your respiratory system during that training session… and what do we call this… “healthy”?  Anyone who calls HiT/HiiT healthy is too stupid to be training or coaching anyone, especially anyone who is already medically compromised in anyway (which basically makes up the majority of the population as most are already on at least one prescribed medication).

As for the “research” that states that hi intensity training ‘turns on’ the immune system, or is healthy… do yourself a favor and ask where the research is coming from. I guarantee you that its corporately funded research, probably by one of the corporate fitness chains attempting to promote their philosophy using pseudo-science (aka shit science performed by so-called scientists who are willing to write any conclusions if the cheque is big enough to silence their conscience, and cover the cost of a possible professional malpractice/fraud lawsuit).

As for the research identifying the risks associated with hi intensity training, the research that identifies the J curves, here you go…

To summarize all the prior posts, and hopefully to put a final nail in the coffin of all things hi intensity (HiT/HiiT), let’s finish with the dumbest of dumb-assery… the claim that you can eat your way to lower inflammation.

Let’s just think about this for a second…

Look at the image from the prior post, that I will use again to point out what hi intensity training yields:

  • swelling / puffiness
  • redness
  • heat (i.e. as indicated by redness)

This guy is so visibly inflamed, its unimagineable to think how inflamed his ‘insides’ are.

So let me get this straight… you spend countless hours in the gym pumping yourself into a beast with weights, you destroy yourself in spin class after spin class to burn off those nasty nasty calories from all the eating you do to comfort yourself from your deepest fears, failures and hurts, you tolerate your trainer/coach berating you for being weak… you inflame yourself in the name of “fitness” triggering adrenaline surge after adrenaline surge (that scars your entire circulatory system), and simultaneously triggers release of wave after wave of cortisol (one of the primary inflammation hormones) finishing your session taking selfees of the inflammation you created and then you plan to eat to dis-inflame? Seriously? No I really mean it… how stupid can stupid be?

Eating your way to lower inflammation is like trying to put out a bonfire with a spray bottle!

Right… a bucket of blueberries, avocado, and wheat grass smoothees are going to “un-inflame” you? You repeatedly flooded your entire body & brain with adrenaline and cortisol in pursuit of getting “fit” and now you want to undo the inflammation by eating properly?  Let me guess… after the hi intensity training where you don’t give a shit about how much inflammation you unleash on yourself, you are then going to go to the grocery store and eat dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free organic free range food for all of the anti-inflammatory benefits? Gee… ever wonder why your digestive system works like shit (i.e. can’t digest a thing)? Gee… ever wonder why you bruise easy, why you have difficulty healing from what should be a simple injury, why you can’t get rid of that cough or cold quickly? Gee.. ever wonder why you sleep so poorly? Ya think it could have something to do with the hell you unleash on all your body systems when you perform repeated hi intensity training?

If your trainer/coach just finished selling you that the HiiT session is what you need to be “healthy” and now the dumb-ass that calls themselves a health & fitness expert is selling you on smoothees and a paleo or keto or whatever special diet in order to take your fitness to the “next level”… please do not think its because they care about you. If they haven’t cared to become educated & experienced to actually gain any valuable knowledge, understanding or wisdom then what makes you think they care one iota about you? They don’t. All they want is to get into the pant pocket that has your wallet or your smartphone wallet.

There is honest to goodness truth out there, truth as to what is and what isn’t healthy… but the majority of trainers and coaches haven’t taken the time to study or learn to experience any of it for themselves; they mindlessly repeat the last thing they heard in the gym repeated by another clueless trainer/coach. They are all so desperate to make money off you, they just skipped the learning and the doing it themselves, figuring that if they get the title that gives them some sort of status as an authority on health/wellness/fitness that’s all they need in order to start promoting themselves on social media. And then we wonder how is it that ‘influencers’ worshiped as experts on all things health related admit to using cocaine to staying thin (instead of actually doing all the things they said they did, and all the things they told you to do to look as fab as them).

The health & fitness industry has become nothing but hype & horseshit!

Take the time to find a trainer or coach who cared enough to learn before they started training and coaching. If not, then you will be trained and coached by those who lack the self respect to become knowledgeable, to become valuable, to become respectful… and whatever they do to you, be forewarned that they cannot be held liable or responsible for the consequences that they inflict on your health.

A word on the high protein diets…

You know why high protein diets are all the rage? Because when you repeatedly perform hi intensity training, you repeatedly trigger your flight-fight-freeze survival system into action. Your survival system receives its ‘turbo’ charge from the hormones your glands pump out when you are in this heightened state. Now guess what is the building block used by your body to make hormones…

I’m humming the theme from Jeopardy… you have 30secs… times up…


How is it that the top athletes in the world such as the highest performing distance runners in the world – East African athletes from Kenya, Ethiopia,  Somalia, Eritrea – live on a subsistence diet of ugali (a corn porridge), or rice and only a small percentage of their diet comes from beans (i.e. the protein in their diet) and they are world class, meanwhile the typical fat ass North American who eats nothing but hi protein diets is … .well fat (likely triggered now for being called fat, and… can’t run a block even if their life depended on it)!

We need a small amount of protein in order that our glands have the basic building blocks to make hormones, but that’s it.  Well, that’s it unless you live your life on your glands, aka living at your limits running off your survival system as if its designed to power you day in day out (FYI… its not!).  Your glands and your hormones are supposed to be reserved for emergency/survival situations, not every single hi intensity session you want to do in hopes of short cutting your way to fitness. Its honestly the stupidest thing I have ever heard…. you are gonna short cut your way to health, by gaming your psychology & physiology into producing results?  That’s like thinking that we should use enriched uranium in each of our homes… sure enriched uranium is a massive source of energy, just a little problem though… the radiation will kill you before you ‘increase the quality of your life using it’.

Yet this is exactly how we are living… thinking that we can short cut our body systems to look healthy, meanwhile the hi intensity training and living is nothing short of uranium spewing radiation that is killing us but no worries… I’m gonna eat this gluten free dairy free nut free food product for the inflammation reducing qualities it has in hopes that it will counteract the radiation.

I’m seriously at my limit… the level of sheer stupidity that is being repeated by trainers and coaches ranks up there with a three stooges episode. Comedy I get, but this ain’t no comedy when these a-holes sell themselves as experts in all things health related.  You want stupid, trust me there is plenty of stupid out there. If you don’t want stupid, and if you want actual health… then take the time to find someone who has the self respect to go out and get educated, get experienced, to become knowledgeable, to become wise, to become a real problem solver. You are worth it, your health is worth it.