Fitness is the gaming of your psychological protective systems to trigger the physiological emergency response & survival systems in your body to deliver a higher level of performance. Its not health, its not healthy, as health has nothing to do with living off of your survival systems which were designed to be used only in the rare circumstances that you are actually in life or death danger.

What does that all mean? It means that we have figured out how to tap into systems which were specifically designed to give us superior strength & speed to (e.g.) fight or flee an attack as a means to live each and everyday of our lives.

If fitness is not a disease explain this…

How is it that celebrity personal trainer Bob Harper of TV series “The Biggest Loser” fame who screamed and screamed at contestants on the show to push and then push harder still in gym sessions screaming that if they don’t lose their fat and flab that they are a heart attack waiting to happen… ends up having the heart attack first? Of course, Harper blames it 100% on genetics… its his mothers fault that he had a heart attack because she had a heart attack; meanwhile Dr Oz in an interview regarding Harpers’ heart attack stated clearly: heart attack can be attributed only 1/3 to genetics, the other 2/3rds are pure lifestyle. Wait a moment? Bob Harper is supposedly the poster child for health… so where in his lifestyle is the cause of his heart attack? That’s right… its all that “fitness” training, all the HiiT [hi intensity interval training] that triggered adrenaline surge after adrenaline surge that eventually scarred his heart and his circulatory system enough times that an heart attack was inevitable.

Meanwhile as I have written previously in the post titled “What If Its All Wrong“, research that was performed following the contestants of “The Biggest Loser” after they completed the show states clearly:

“the constructs we’ve set up around weight loss, constructs like ‘The Biggest Losers’ doom those who buy into them to failure”

The National Institute of Health [NIH] stated clearly in its six year follow up of “The Biggest Loser” contestants that not only did all contestants regain the weight they had lost while Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels screamed at them, but the consequence of their hi intensity training was that “their metabolisms were broken.” Not seemed broken, not appeared broken, the NIH states that they were broken.

If hi intensity training is so healthy, then how is it that it breaks the metabolic systems of those who follow the principles? Exactly… fitness training is anything but healthy, fitness is a disease. Fitness is synonymous with hi intensity training which is anything but healthy, and is responsible for damaging and in extreme cases “breaking” body’s systems making them vulnerable to disease.

Ronnie Coleman trained as a bodybuilder and was crowned Mr Olympia 8x

His fitness and his Mr Olympia crown came at a cost… of his health!

If there is an epitome of fitness it has to be Mr Olympia. Muscle on top of muscle, ripped, shredded, not an ounce of fat anywhere to be found… he must be healthy. Oh really? Look a little further down to the photo of Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman in an hospital bed… wait… why would the epitome of fitness be in an hospital bed if fitness is the pathway to health? Oh… did no one tell you, fitness is a disease, and in the case of Mr Fitness himself, the cost of his fitness was… well, let see what it was:

  • multiple low back surgeries to relieve the nerve root compression caused from the repeated hi intensity training,
  • both hips having to be replaced…. ain’t that a statement of health!
  • fusion first of vertebrae in his neck also to relieve nerve root compression pain, and then
  • fusion of a couple of his low back vertebrae because the initial surgeries weren’t sufficient!

That’s health?  That’s the result of taking fitness training to the extreme? Eight (8) years of surgeries preceded by how many years of pain and dysfunction? And this is what we are hoping for when we hire a personal trainer or coach?

As a physiotherapist in 20 years of clinical work I have run into only two (2) patients who required fusion of spinal vertebrae in order to relieve the nerve root pain and neither was a fitness fanatic. In both cases, the root of their pain was overwhelming professional stress which led these patients to repeatedly building tension in their body by ‘bearing down’ (i.e. similar to the tension a woman in labour builds to deliver a baby). This subconscious response to the overwhelming stress resulted in them compressing nerve roots in their neck and low back to the point that they required similar surgery to Mr Olympia. If fitness training yields the same signs and symptoms and requires the same surgery as medical patients… sorry… how exactly is fitness healthy? It isn’t…its a disease process.

These fitness professionals also paid a price… theirs was just more than Coleman’s

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If fitness ain’t a disease, then please explain to me why they are all DEAD! Ages 37 – 52!

But CrossFit… that’s healthy… right?

Sure, just as healthy as body building and fitness training. Wait a second, we haven’t seen any CrossFitters dead yet, have we? Maybe not dead but considering the connection that’s been made between CrossFit and ‘Uncle Rhabdo‘ (click for images @ Google) its just a matter of time til we do. Who is Uncle Rhabdo… oh, he’s the unofficial “disturbing mascot” as one blogger wrote of CrossFit: a cartoon clown character depicting an exhausted well-muscled clown who is connected to a dialysis machine while standing in a pool of his own blood with his kidney and a part of his intestines hanging out next to some workout equipment.

Well… if that doesn’t scream healthy… I don’t know what does!

Rhabdomyolysis – skeletal muscle cells damaged so severely by intense training that they break apart spilling their contents into the bloodstream which have the potential to damage the kidneys and result in kidney (renal) failure and in extreme cases death.

Then again, considering the adoption of Uncle Rhabdo, there probably have been deaths due to CrossFit but who would want that as marketing… right?

It was back in the fall of 2018 …

I was standing at the finish line of the Halton High School Regional Cross Country meet at Hilton Falls in Milton awaiting my son’s finish, when I witnessed the lead boy in the senior category finish the race. He had pushed himself so hard that like the Strongman competitor in the gif above, he rocketed his blood pressure so sky high that blood vessels burst in his nose too. I died a little in that moment, meanwhile everyone circled around him, congratulated him for his epic effort, for his willingness to hurt himself.

Insane … isn’t it … what we have come to worship.

“A lot of people never understood how I could eat and still be so thin, but I guess it’s pretty easy to hide an addiction” she said. “People don’t realize how easy it is to hide something, whether its addiction, depression, or anxiety.”

No, seriously… fitness professionals, personal trainers and most definitely social media influencers should all definitely be considered experts on all things health and health related.

That is until you realize… they stay thin & ‘healthy‘ by living off coffee, cigarettes, tapas &… cocaine!

… or steroids, or EPO, or testosterone or whatever it takes to bullshit their way into your life as “experts”!

And there you have it… people who instead of taking the time to heal, to truly become healthy, instead play pretend and use their addictions to fake health and then profess to be experts in health telling us all they know what we need to do in order to look, feel and be just like them.  Now after being a fitness blogger who used cocaine to ramp up her metabolism to be thin, this influencer is turning to parenting blogger … God help us!

And that is what we define as “living healthy and authentically” … real mystery why mental health diseases are the #1 diagnoses according to the WHO … lead a life of bullshit long enough and there are only two outcomes: mild mental health dysfunction (e.g. anxiety or depression) or severe mental health disease (i.e. dementia). Which would you like?

Neither? Then I recommend that you put real health as the one and only priority in your life and cut the bullshit crap. Find a mentor, a truly informed individual who has the education and the experience to offer you how to start on the road to true health: physical, mental and emotional and then… get to work.