Starting @ 0:50mins into this video former pro cyclist and former Lance Armstrong teammate on the United States Postal Team, Tyler Hamilton states:

i finished a week long stage race in Spain… one of the team doctors came into my room and he was praising me for how well I had done, how I had pushed through the pain… and said that I need to start taking care of my body and live more ‘professionally’ he called it… he [the team doctor] reached into a pocket and pulled out this red little egg shaped capsule and said Tyler this is for your health, its not doping, its for your health

This [testosterone pill]… is for your health – its not doping – its for your health
Team Doctor of a UCI recognized professional cycling team (circa 2000)

Our collective mindset: provided we are not in the Emergency Department of our local hospital or in a hospital or long term care facility bed (aka nursing home bed), then we are healthy! Taking pills… we still consider ourselves healthy. On diets and/or taking supplements… nope, still healthy. Needing regular medical appointments… nope, still healthy.  Needing regular allied health professional appointments (e.g. physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, etc)…. nope still healthy. Overweight but can still fit into my clothes… still healthy. Obese, well maybe I need to lose a few pounds but… nope, still healthy. Have 1, maybe 2, even 3 health ‘issues’ or diagnoses… nope, still healthy. Dealing with any mental impairments or dysfunction… all’s good, still healthy. Relationships falling apart… still healthy. Finances falling apart… still healthy. But wait! To prove just how oh-so healthy we are… we hire personal trainers to whip us into beach body shape, or we hire coaches to whip us into completing a marathon, grandfondo or an iron-distance triathlon so we can put on display our immaculate health.

Basically it comes down to this… no matter what sort of diagnosis we have, no matter what sort of pills we are taking and no matter what sort of side effects those pills have, no matter what sort of ongoing scans, appointments, or treatments we need to receive… we are healthy!

The Total Perversion of Health
– achieved by Western Civilization circa 2020 –

Once upon a time, we defined health differently… it was a state of thriving, a state of exquisite physical strength and endurance, of flexible and fluid thinking, creativity, skill, spontaneity and emotional stability, marked by resilience, capacity and wisdom. Health used to be prized. Health used to be pursued. Health used to be valued.

Once upon a time, it was said that if you didn’t have your health… you had nothing. What happened? Ahhh, right… ‘work’ was made a dirty word, something only fools do, something those not ‘naturally talented’ or ‘gifted’ have to do, something those who aren’t Freedom 55ers have to do. Short-cuts, low hanging fruit and the endless pursuit of more replaced health as the ‘must haves’ and besides we’ve been sold that money can buy health… right? Can’t it?

Now, the simple appearance of health – cosmetic health – is good enough. The low-hanging fruit mindset which asks why bother investing in anything long term, sells the mindless hype of jumping from one short term goal to the next as the key to success, the key to contentment and deep satisfaction. Well, how is that working out? Does anyone seem so satisfied with life that their joy overwhelms? With the World Health Organization (WHO) stating that anxiety and depression are about to be – if they aren’t already – the top two medical diagnoses globally, seems the low-hanging fruit mindset isn’t all that it sells itself to be.

And then this…

Just the other day while on Kijiji I found this in the category of “sporting good & equipment”…

3 bottles of Testosterone and 50 tablets of Stanozolol

Testosterone is the same performance enhancing “its not doping – its for your health” drug that Tyler Hamilton received from his team doctor and Stanozolol is the synthetic anabolic steroid and performance enhancing drug that Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive for at the 1988 Olympic Games which led to him being striped of his Olympic Gold medal and World Record time which was followed by the Dubin Inquiry.

‘Health’ is now ‘for sale’ on Kijiji!

Click image to enlarge

So let me ask this…

Who needs these drugs? Who is buying and popping and/or injecting these performance enhancing drugs into themselves? Based on the signage in the men’s changeroom of the LA Fitness that I used to belong to in Burlington, Joe Six-Pack because the sign was a caution against the use of steroids. If corporate HQ of LA Fitness feels that it needs to put up signs in the men’s changeroom of its facilities then the use of these drugs cannot be considered isolated cases (interestingly, my wife has shared that there is no similar signage in the women’s changeroom, instead for women… pull on a pair of spanx and look… I’m “healthy”).

Surprise, surprise… a culture that thinks that “its not doping – its for your health” will swallow or put on anything convinced they are healthy.

What a crock! We have become a culture of bullshit, of posers, of low-hanging fruit chasers. When your children copy what you model, don’t blame ‘society’…. have a look in the mirror and see that ‘society’ is staring right back at you and then try and explain why when you do it, its not bad but when they do it, it is.

When health truly becomes our priority, we will cut the crap, eliminate the pretense, and we will work on putting first things first: we will put health first, it will stay first no matter what pops up, and we will focus on the long term and end the deeply unsatisfying pursuit of immediate gratification.


Tyler Hamilton didn’t receive his testosterone pills from a stranger, Tyler Hamilton didn’t meet an anonymous person in a dark remote alley in order to get his testosterone pills, Tyler Hamilton didn’t have to surf the dark-web or travel to China to find his performance enhancing drugs… the team doctor… as in the medical doctor of the team supplied the testosterone.

Which is the setup for the last post in this series…

Our ‘health care’ system and ‘health care’ professionals are neither… they should be both rebranded our ‘disease care’ system and ‘disease care’ professionals.

Neither our system nor professionals provide health… no one except you can make you healthy: health comes from with-in, not from with-out.

So if neither is health focused… what are they? Stay tuned.