Over the weekend I recorded US Indoor National Track & Field Championships that were held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Of note…

In the Final of the Mens 60m, Christian Coleman was the favorite: Coleman is the 2018 World Indoor 60m Champ and the 2019 World Track & Field 100m Champ taking the title from Justin Gatlin in 2017, and Usain Bolt who held it in 2015 & 2013. In Albuquerque, Coleman ran 6.37 secs, just 0.03 off his own WR time 6.34 for 60m which he in 2018 at Indoor Worlds in Birmingham, UK.

After the race, Coleman was interviewed and this is what is key…  Coleman stated that he is happy with the results because he hasn’t done any serious amount of speedwork or top end speed training.  Stew on that…

126 days before US Olympic Track & Field Trials,

160 days before the start of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games, and

Christian Coleman has done little speedwork or top end speed training!

Which begs the question, if he hasn’t done speedwork or top end speed training, then what sort of training has Coleman done, what sort of training did he do that led to his sizeable margin of victory at US Indoor Nationals (over athletes who likely treated this as their ‘A’ meet of the season and did every form of training that they could including speedwork in order to maximize their performance potential)?

If you don’t know and you are a DIY athlete… should you really be training yourself?

If your coach doesn’t know the answer to this question… should they really be coaching/calling themselves a coach?

If you are in pursuit of your healthiest fullest potential, find a coach who understands the physiology of peak performance, plus the physics and the psychology of peak performance and stop settling for hobbyists and hacks who call themselves coaches.

Coleman at the 2018 USA Indoor Championships

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Finals of the Mens 60m @ 2020 USA Indoor Championships

Coleman runs 6.37secs, only the 2nd time in history that anyone has ran under 6.40secs for 60m and does it without any speedwork or top end speed training!  How?