This video uploaded by Lionel Sanders a few days after competing at Ironman World Championships in Hawaii (2019) is undoubtedly the most important video for all age group athletes to watch.

From the pro triathlete who said he is willing to die while attempting to ‘win’ at Worlds, comes the epiphany: the best of the best do not win through self sacrifice, by damaging themselves, by placing their lives in dangers, by risking it all.

Key statements Lionel Sanders makes are timestamped and rewritten below. These statements will be the focus of posts to follow.









“vision fogging up and most disoriented I’ve ever been [coming off the bike]”

“the wheels fell off… became all about survival mode”

“like a light switch went off … swerving all over the road”

“puked & fell over onto the ground…  felt like wanted to fall asleep for rest of the day…  volume of vomit ++large”

“most painful thing I’ve ever experienced”

“I put myself in a place that wasn’t good… it was scary… it wasn’t fun, in fact it was quite dangerous

“I’m all about pushing myself to the limit”

“if put in a situation where I need to run to the point of death… pretty confident that I could do that”


“its not what you want to do or should do, and its not what you see these guys doing amazing performances – they are not putting themselves into dangerous – biologically dangerous – situations







“that’s not racing… its fighting for your life at that stage”

“I am not going to put myself in that situation again”

“I won’t put myself in that situation again until I have answers”

“I’m not going to put myself in a situation until I’m certain I can run the marathon”

“only reason I didn’t drop out is because I had so many people watching”

“glad I finished the race but I don’t want to be in that situation again where I am doing damage to myself”