Where are we now in terms of training for health, for fitness, for performance? This article title and opening sentence sums it up…

Everyone is a genius… how… well, because they turned ’40’ so now they are an expert, an absolute certified expert on everything that it means to be 40. Not only are they experts on what it means for them to be 40, by default they are also experts on what it means for everyone else to be 40.

It is no different in sport.

Do a marathon or a triathlon, or better yet, do an iron distance triathlon and ta-da… you are automatically a marathon/triathlon/endurance guru, capable of coaching anyone to their first endurance event. Why? How? Well after doing one whole marathon or triathlon… the obvious and automatic assumption is that you now know everything that there is to know about training and racing. What more is there to know? I mean anyone who trains and competes in just one, ok, maybe two events must be an absolute genius on all aspects of human physiology, psychology, sport specific technique, biomechanics, injury prevention, injury rehab, nutrition. You managed to drag your carcass over a finish line, why wouldn’t that qualify you to coach?

The arrogance… is of the chart.

The ignorance… mind-boggling epic.

How did we get here?

Between the mindlessness of rip&recover and training zones and with the average trainer or coach having no formal education or experience outside of a couple courses taken over one or two weekends… why would anyone think there is specialized knowledge in developing athletes? If everyone who calls themselves a trainer or coach is this uneducated and inexperienced… then why work with a coach, or if it is that simple… why not call yourself a coach?

Now that everyone is a self proclaimed genius… the results from races must be staggering! Oh wait a tick… the stats reveal the opposite: 25-40% DNS rate at major iron distance triathlons – as in “did not start” because the athletes didn’t even make it to the start line – and a DNF rate as high as 25%. And, do not forget to add on all the thousands upon thousands of cheaters who believe that course cutting is not cheating: its just the convenient way to get to the finish line when you haven’t trained at all or haven’t trained properly but still want a finish line selfee and a finishers medal.

Yeah, right… everyone is a frikkin’ genius.