What has happened to us? What has happened to our children? What has happened to our imaginations?

What has happened that the highest level of success we can imagine is participating, finishing?

What ever happened to winning? To wanting to win? To believing that there is a unique way for each and every one of us to win? To the pursuit of excellence? To seeking our fullest potential? To striving, to reaching, to working consistently, diligently, honestly… to achieving?

Its even worse… many cannot even imagine finishing so in order to finish, they have to cheat. Review the prior post (click here) to read just how many adults are cheating their way to ‘win’ a participation award, to receive a finishers medal.

What has happened is that we have settled for the narrative that we cannot win, we aren’t winners, there is no unique way for each and every one of us to win.

Consequence #1: we have become thieves.

Thieves who are out to steal wins from those who earned them honestly, or if that is unavailable to diminish the efforts of those who have sacrificed, who have committed to endless hours of dedicated focus… stealing their moments of success because we no longer respect work or those who put in work.

Consequence #2: we have become parasites.

Parasites seeking to live ‘passively’ off those who do work, who have accumulated success as a result of many many years of diligent honest work.

Consequence #3: we have become scavengers.

Scavengers who rummage through the success of others to see if they can find some semblance of success for themselves out of the left over scraps.

The short cuts to success in the short term seem to pay off… being a thief, a parasite or a scavenger seems to offer the potential for small bits of success here and there without having to sacrifice anything. But those small bits of success never truly fulfill, never satisfy the way we want to feel, they never provide the contentment that is needed deep within each and every one of us. The compromise to settle for participating, for finishing, for a small shred of someone else’s success is not enough.

In each case, we corner ourselves into the belief that we are victims, and by being victims we can stake claim to someone else’s success.

The solution? In the short term, the short cut to the short cut is to steal more, leech more, scavenge more… hoping that more of the same will satisfy; but, that fails to reward us the way we need to feel rewarded.

In the long term, the short cuts yield mental and physical decay, eventually leading to emotional and spiritual emptiness… and since seeking short cuts becomes the guiding  mindset for both our conscious and unconscious decisions, we hope that medical intervention will save us from our misery, our pain, our disease, our dysfunction. But we find that the best medical interventions in the world are still only short cuts – bandaids – for what truly ails us.

So you have the following decision to make, you can… continue to lead a life stealing, leeching, scavenging and hoping that technology and medicine will one day be able to ‘save’ you, or you can decide that you have spent enough time as a loser, enough time losing, and its your time to win.

Why we live in chronic pain: suffering physically, tortured mentally, in emotional agony?

We put the blame on others for our state of physical, mental and emotional dys-function because we blame others for their rejection and for the pain it inflicted.

Indeed, the rejection of people does inflict pain, but that pain is nothing compared to the pain we inflict upon ourselves. We build the rejection by others into a mountain, yet it is a mere molehill to the pain we inflict on ourselves when we reject ourselves. Deny your true potential, deny your need to win, reject the pursuit of your ability to excel and your potential to be excellent and you have inflicted more pain upon yourself than all the pain every other rejection in your life has inflicted.

The true source of our chronic pain… compromise, settling, giving up, quitting… on ourselves.

Each and every one of us has been rejected or will be rejected by those around us. No one can claim exclusive rights to being ‘the most’ rejected, because the real rejection that cuts and wounds us deeper than any other is when we reject our personal path and purpose in life.

Health stems from living your path and purpose, daily.

Health does not arrive in pill form, through specialist appointments, in surgery or in hospital care.

Health starts to return when you step up and embrace the the life you are supposed to live.

Health starts to return when you start to live in pursuit of your potential, of your purpose.

Health starts to return when you seek the wins that have been specially set aside for you.

This is where you will find endless energy, enthusiasm, passion… it is where you will find life, your life. To begin, you must recognize that your path starts with the belief that you were created with a divine purpose, a purpose that requires you to pursue winning, to believe that there is a special way designed just for you to win, to be a winner, to be celebrated as a winner.

Your life is supposed to be lived going from victory to victory.

It begins with you believing that you are a champion (long long before you stand to be crowned champion).

It starts with you living – believing and being a champion in your daily doings – so that you become the person able to receive your victories in the moment that they are bestowed upon you (champions do not claim, take or steal podiums, champions are given podiums, they receive their victories).

It starts with you imagining – not participating, nor finishing – winning, and winning big!