For now, this will be the final post in the series discussing the ‘dark’ side of the FLOW pinwheel: the side which on the surface seems motivated by external triggers but merely mirrors our deepest and darkest fears. In an effort to prove our fears wrong, in a flurry of flight – fight – freeze reactions we engage those external triggers – what angers us, what makes us anxious, what sparks fear in us – following through on decisions we know will lead us to defeat and unfortunately in some cases to our own demise.

Its what fear does. Either you train to master your imagination – or as Dr Jordan Peterson refers to it: Your Shadow – to serve you as a faithful servant, or you will become enslaved to your imagination which will run rampant unleashing your own fears upon you when it senses its become master – your master.

What happens when you become enslaved to an imagination running rampant with unrestrained power?

What happens when you become a servant to a master who knows that with the mere whisper of any one of your fears, you will cower lower than ever before, begging for mercy, offering and willing to do anything to end the suffering and torture?

You become a sell out to FOFB & FOMO.

You sell out to the worst in you, to the worst version of you.

You start to pursue outcomes by any means available to you because the fear of falling behind (FOFB) or the fear of missing out (FOMO) becomes so overwhelming that you have to deliver outcomes… no matter what. In order to live this way we start by eliminating our moral compass because it is by far the biggest impediment to living life in servitude to our taskmaster: our deepest & darkest fears. The last thing you want is Jiminy Cricket constantly on your shoulder whispering into your ear: “the right thing to do is…”  Who has time for a conscience when outcomes have to be obtained, and obtained now! Our fears scream that to remain ‘relevant’ in the world, outcomes need to be delivered, and delivered now! And its now just a few of us… we are cheating by the thousands. And not to win… but cheating to receive participation awards. We are cheating to receive a finishers medal.

Why? Because we hope the finishers medal or the participation award will mean something even when obtained by cheating. We hope that the end justifies the means. We hope that good intentions are good enough. We hope that outcomes obtained by any means can and will subdue our fears, appeasing our imagination to give us a moment of respite from the incessant bombardment from our fears. We hope that perhaps a medal or award obtained even by cheating will provide us with a glimpse of what it is to live filled with faith and joy, a life chasing dreams, goals, a life pursuing our fullest potential? Problem is… hope is not a strategy for winning.

There is only one way to live your life if you want to win consistently and conscientiously: you have to pursue FLOW.

Just how far will we go in living a lie to pretend it isn’t a lie?  Recently I found this article from the Daily Mail: in it Instagram model-influencer Ruby Tuesday Matthews said she relied on a steady diet of “tapas, cigarettes, black coffee and cocaine” to maintain her svelte 120 lbs. figure.

Think about that…

How many followed this “social influencer’s” tips on staying healthy, fit, thin, model-esque trying to mimic her image yet failed because they didn’t do crack!

This is what social media has become… a lie, one big lie after another where we are attempting to bullshit one another as to how healthy, how fit, how amazing we are… meanwhile we are snorting, shooting up, smoking, and downing all the drugs, supplements, booze imaginable as we fake it in desperation to “staying relevant”.

Why abstain from Facebook, Instagram, Strava, Zwift, et al. because its predominantly bull.

Don’t want to lead a bullshit life, then you can’t hang around bullshit. Its that plain and simple.

Oh, and its not just the ladies… in the mens changeroom at LA Fitness you will see this warning sign.

This how we are getting by today? Men do ‘roids while women do crack?

We are all so capable of so much more, yet this is where we have ended up. Hoping that we won’t fall too deep down the rabbits hole by following our fears, yet ending up compromising on each and everyone of our core beliefs and for what… likes, followers, a happy face emoji… while we learn that more and more of what we thought was real online is only more bull.

Want health? Want to experience your potential – your physical, mental and emotional potential? Want to live life at your fullest? Do what most aren’t… train, honestly train with the focus of becoming integral to your path in life, to your purpose. Pursue FLOW.