How fluent are you in the language of movement? Are you studying to become more fluent? Able to express yourself more clearly, concisely, more efficiently? To communicate more effectively than anyone in the past?

Do you want to speak in the language spoken by World Champions, in the language of icons, legends, what about the language of World Records? If so, then you will need to communicate in a manner that transcends the narratives of prior Champs, you will have to create new vocabulary, new rhythms, new images, new structures. To rewrite the narratives of what is possible in sport, to remove the narrative of impossible replacing it with the narrative of the i’m-possible, you will have to create new concepts, perhaps an entirely new dialect for the language of movement in order to communicate that sort of outcome.

Look how many dialects the language of movement has…

It verges on countless, with new ones created constantly.

The opportunity for you to create, for you to express yourself are endless.

To begin, it starts with becoming a student of movement as a language. This involves consistent daily study, a committed effort to practicing the fundamental components through endless repetition because the complexities of language arise when the student masters the basics. You will need mentoring from one who is well versed in the movement language, and from one who knows how to teach movement as a language.

If you want to be able to express yourself from your deepest core, there is no other way than through language… be it spoken, written, played, sung, executed or performed… the most fulfilling expression of ourselves comes when we allow what exists at the root of our being – our unique individuality – to come forth with abandon.

Consistent Champions communicate language unlike anyone has communicated in the past. This is why we are captured, riveted, captivated by world class competition: we want to see what these champions have to say, we want to feel what they have to say, we want to be moved by what they say. Each of us yearns to communicate as they do, but to commit to studying as they have takes boldness. By coming close to them, I believe we hope that a bit of their boldness rubs off on us, freeing us to communicate the Champion which resides within. So then the question is…

Will you allow yourself to study and train the basics to the point of mastery to release your Champion?