Ontario Summer Games – Triathlon

The 2018 Ontario Summer Games were held this past weekend at venues in and around London. The Opening Ceremonies for the Games were held Thursday evening at TD Stadium on the campus of Western University. The ceremonies had the athletes parade into the stadium to start, with speeches to follow, then Decathlete and Olympian Damian Warner carried the torch into the stadium for the lighting of the Games cauldron, and the evening finished off with live entertainment. The next day, at the site for the individual and mixed relay triathlon events which was north of London in Denfield on a private property offered absolutely ideal conditions to the athletes. A small lake on the property with warm water temperatures (76deg) and the town of Denfield kindly closing all roads for the event, athletes enjoyed immaculate race conditions especially under warm sunny skies. A field of 24 women and 24 men competed on Friday in the individual events, and then teams were created based on standings for the mixed relay events which were held on Saturday. The mixed relay event (which is competed female/male/female/male, with each athlete competing a super-sprint distance triathlon) is new to the sport of triathlon and since it will be a medal event in Tokyo 2020, Triathlon Ontario decided that it too would be a medal event (for the first time I believe) at the Ontario Games.

Serena placed 10th in the individual event, and her relay team (Team 10) finished 5th.

Results for Individual Triathlon – Female
Results for Individual Triathlon – Male

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