I don’t care what you want to call them, but let’s stop calling them what they are not… and they are definitely not ‘sports nutrition’, nor ‘nutrition’ by any definition.

Energy/sports drinks, gels, candies, gummies, jellies, sports bars are NOT nutrition.

Any product that is linked to or directly causes:

  • impairments in sleep,
  • weight gain,
  • spiking blood sugar and increased risk of damage to nerves and blood vessels,
  • insulin resistance and increased risk of developing diabetes,
  • spikes in blood pressure and sustained high blood pressure,
  • substance abuse,
  • mental health issues including aggressive behaviours, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal ideations,
  • decreasing academic performance, and
  • tooth decay,

CANNOT be called food, ‘nutrition’ or be marketed in a manner that suggests that there is any nutritional value from consuming such a product.

These products are poisons which beyond yielding a temporary ‘high’ that may or may not “give you wings”, lead predominantly to disease.

These products are factory foods, highly processed products engineered to cause addiction, marketed as synonymous with an healthy and hip lifestyle.

In contrast, healthy nutritious food either comes out of or off the ground, from a tree, or off a bush, or from an animal that lives peacefully on and off the land.

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What was the tipping point that led to this post?

First, it was this article in USA Today…

Link: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/11/29/scary-prediction-u-s-kids-57-could-obese-age-35/906474001/

Which is based on and summarizes a research paper titled…

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Which is summarized in part in the diagram above: (i.e.) if your child is simply overweight, then the probability of them becoming obese verges on near certainty!

The cherry and sprinkles on top that just finished it off… was yesterday when Aimee and I were at a local bakery, standing in line behind a high schooler who  had decided that their lunch was going to be: a red coloured sugar ice water drink in a quantity sufficient to take a camel across a desert, and an order of a 1/2 dozen chocolate chip cookies. That’s what passes as lunch today for teenagers! That’s what tipped me over!

Teens – they may be as a result of their chronological age – but they are still children with bodies and brains that are still developing… or supposed to be developing if it wasn’t for the steady flow of crap into their mouths – factory food – and into their minds – social media/tech.

As parents we are modeling for our children an unhealthy lifestyle of excessive and intense living… in work and in play, calling it “all-out”/HiiT living where everyone is feverishly trying to one up the next. It is a lifestyle where there is no time to sit, to eat, there is no time to sit and talk, to stop and rest a moment, there is no time to reflect, there is no time to ponder and make healthy decisions because there is no time for anything… yet everyone complains that they have no time, but instead of making a change, everyone piles on more and more trying to outdo the next (all fueled by our favorite ‘sports nutrition’ products).

To what end? To the point of disease or death, whichever comes first.

Its enough.

Its time to stop calling “all-out” living… healthy.

Its time to stop calling processed factory foods… nutritious.

Its time to stop calling HiiT, Tabata, bootcamps… healthy exercise.

Its time to stop calling the pissing contest we call life… an healthy deeply fulfilling existence.

Its time to stop and call it out… all of it as BULLS#!T.

Do so, and you will free yourself to live differently… to live healthy and free.

Refuse, and you condemn yourself and your children to a life of disease.