Training, Technique & Skill Development Programs

We don’t do “10 week” programs…

Its a nice concept and a popular marketing tool and many coaches, trainers, even retail stores use 10 week programs to sell ‘Run a 10k/Half or Full Marathon’, ‘Try a Tri’ classes, ’10weeks to a beach body’, etc…

These programs are not designed to help you achieve, but to sell you: apparel, shoes, equipment, gadgets, club memberships, add-on coaching services, anything you can be convinced is needed in order to achieve your objective. Reality is, these programs do not provide what is truly needed to achieve: an appropriate amount of technique and skill work to accomplish any goal. All athletic goals require a baseline amount of skill, technique, and capacity; programs promising that achieving your performance objectives with only 10weeks of training… are selling you a fabulous fantasy.

Anything of value, anything of quality, anything excellent takes time, and that includes taking the time to develop the athleticism, to gain the skills, abilities, and technique, and sometimes simply the health to be able to start training towards a goal.

We do Multi-Sport training all year long…

TOETT provides multi-sport athletes all year training and not just for triathlons… but in all the triathlon sports – swim / bike / run – so that athletes can participate in standalone events of each sport. We believe that true multi-sport athletes are not ‘jack of all/master of none’, but athletes who seek mastery across all the sports.

Training as a swimmer through the winter, as a member of our junior or masters swim teams is a great way to spend the indoor winter months focusing on improving your technique, your form, and maybe even gaining another stroke. Being part of a swim team through the winter opens up the opportunity to participate in the competitive swim season which runs December til April. Multi-sport athletes will find that there are many distance events allowing them to prepare for open water swimming and to test out their training all winter long.  Relay events are fun, unbelievably fun… if you have never been on a swim team relay, then you have missed out. Finding motivation to keep training in the winter is no problem with multiple weekly sessions.

Another benefit to swimming all winter… athletes don’t have to wonder or worry if they are ready for early season triathlons and multisport events. In spring, when everyone is realizing that summer is around the corner, that races they registered for last year are coming soon, they have to cram swim sessions when everyone else is in the pool. With months of swimming in the winter, once warmer weather arrives athletes can confidently turn their attention to training outdoors.

Dryland – what athletes call training in the gym – is yet another great way to spend the winter months. Dryland is all about developing the core and it is the mobility of the core while under load that yields athletes who are able to swim, bike, and run with the greatest efficiency. Efficiency is the source of speed and endurance, so instead of banging out mindless miles trying to make it through the winter, dryland is a way to change up training so that you do start in the spring with a foundation that will take you through the summer, through all your sport specific training and racing.  Also, its dryland that prevents injuries.

Once the warmer weather arrives, we transition from just indoor training to both indoor & outdoor training. TOETT offers bike handling skills courses on road and then off road in preparation for the Kelso MTB & Cyclocross race series. TOETT athletes also get together in small groups to do open water swims, weekend bike rides and/or runs. If unsure of where to start, email me… Aimee ( and I’ll be happy to help you identify an entry point that will bring you to your goals.

Looking forward to seeing you at the pool, on the roads, trails, at the gym, or all of the above.

Single and Multi Sport Competition Calendar

Single Sport Events

Caledon Quarry Swim I – June 26
Caledon Quarry Swim II – Aug 7
Canaqua Welland Swim – Aug 11
Canaqua 5k & 5k Team Challenge – Sept 8
SWOOWS Up The Mountain – Sept 22

Kelso MTB Series – May to August on Tues evenings
Kelso Cyclocross Series – Sept to Oct on Tues evenings

OCA MTB Race Series Schedule
Race #3 Albion Hills – May 26
Race #4 Kelso – June 16
Race #6 Mountainview – Aug 11
MTB Provincial Champs @Sir Sams – Sep 8

MEC Burlington Running Series
Race 1 Dundas Valley 3/9/12k- Apr 27
Race 2 Confederation Park 5/10k or 1/2- May 18
Race 3 Bayfront Park 5/10/15/30k – Sept 7

Multi-Sport Events

Caledon Triathlon (pool swim) – May

Multisport Welland/Rose City – June 23 **

Triathlon Provincial Championships
Toronto Triathlon Festival  – July 21 **
Schedule of Events for the Festival

Subaru Triathlon Series Niagara – July 28

XTerra Sudbury ‘Conquer the Crater’ – Aug 4

Subaru Triathlon Series Orillia – Aug 18 **

Aquathlon Provincial Champs (Aug28)  ***
Stroke & Stride Series
Wednesday evenings – July 3, July 31, Aug 28

Triathlon Ontario Provincials (draft legal) – Aug 31

Subaru Triathlon Guelph Lake II – Aug 31

** Triathlon World Championships Qualifying Event – Edmonton, Canada 2020
*** Multisport World Championships Qualifying Event – Netherlands 2020

Expression of Interest (EOI) to represent Canada at Multisport & Triathlon Worlds

For all Triathlon Ontario sanctioned events, Triathlon Ontario sends out an email to members of Triathlon Ontario ahead of specific qualifying events an invitation for athletes to submit an EOI; however, some athletes will be seeking to qualify at out of province events. In that case:  go to , under the menu item “Athletes/Teams” click on “Age Group”. Scroll down to find “How to Qualify”, expand the option and find “click here to submit an EOI for a 2019 qualification event”.  Find the sport (i.e. aquathlon, sprint triathlon, etc…), find the specific event at which you will be trying to qualify, click on it, register and pay. After paying you are done, no need to write anything.
NOTE: Expressions of Interests (EOIs) must be completed before you race at the event.

Multi-Sport / Triathlon Competition Suits

Team racing suits will be ordered in early March so that athletes receive them in time for the Caledon Triathlon.
Delivery takes 4-6 weeks from the time of ordering.  Contact for pricing and sizing options.