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Training, Technique & Skill Development Programs

To develop the aerobic capacity of consistent peak performers takes years and years; actually, it typically takes a decade. But to make gains, to improve within a single year there is only one way to do it – well, at least only one healthy way to do it – and that is by developing the skills and improving on the techniques specific to the sport. Since pool time is often a limiting factor, and because aerobic capacity can be built equally in or out of the pool, the optimal use of in-pool time is in refining the art and science of swimming. As a result, our swim programs focus exclusively on one thing: training technique.

The result of this focus in training… Provincial Short Course Masters Champions, National Open Water Masters Champions, and numerous podiums at both Open Water Swim and Triathlons across Ontario.


Starting in late March or early April on Monday evenings, Junior athletes will have the opportunity to train in preparation for the summer open water swim and triathlon seasons.  This is not a learn to swim program, but a program designed for athletes who want to translate their winter training into a base for competing this summer.  Open water skills, strategies and tactics will be the focus of in pool sessions.  Plus, for those athletes who will be competing, TOETT has a small inventory of small to medium sized wetsuits that Juniors will be able to use in competition.  Since there are only a limited number of spots (and wetsuits), please contact aimee@toett.ca for details and registration.

Fall & Winter Programs Open for Registration

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TOETT partners with TOEST (The Olympian Experience Swim Team) and jTOEST (Juniors team) for all swimming programs. Programs are designed for all levels of swimmers, open water swimmers and triathletes, from novice to competitive, for juniors (jTOEST ages 6-17) and masters (TOEST ages 18+) athletes.