Ongoing Coaching

The starting point for most amateur athletes, including masters athletes is by joining some sort of training club or team. Athletes benefit and improve based on foundational and fundamental aspects of the sport with those groups but there is a limit to what group training can accomplish. At some point, athletes seeking to progress beyond Novice level of competition need individualized training in order to address their individual needs, and more specifically, training to address their individual weaknesses.

Athletes win on their strengths, but lose because of their weaknesses.

Bill Sweetenham, Head Coach UK & Australian National Swim Teams

Individualized coaching has three components:

Goal Setting Meeting

An in person meeting where the athletes training and racing history is reviewed, followed by a discussion to establish short, intermediate and long term goals. The session results in a weekly training template recommending appropriate TOEST & TOETT programs along with training sessions that are to be performed independently.

Training Log Review

Even with goals established, consistent training in the context of life (e.g. career, business, family) can be a challenge. Having an objective review of your training log will help athletes retain or regain the direction required to achieve their goals. Receiving recommendations on how, when, and by how much to adjust training is needed both for achieving goals and maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health.

Follow Up Meetings

Adjustments to physical training plans can be made easily via email exchanges or online platforms; but making the critical adjustments to mindset, attitude, and narratives – the true limiters of performance – requires routine review between athlete and coach. Semi-annual meetings are recommended for ‘Intro to Performance’ coaching and bi-monthly for ‘Hi Performance’.

Training Log platform used is

Sport Coaching

For individuals looking to get started in regular training

There is a wrong way to getting started and there is a right way to getting started. If jumping into training was simple, then everyone would be achieving their health, wellness and performance goals. They aren’t because it isn’t that simple. There is a process that yields consistent results, a process which isn’t intuitive, hence it is why we believe athletes who seek their potential need to work with a coach.

Initial Setup

$155/1st month

Includes a goal setting meeting, an exercise log review in preparation for the goal setting meeting, a day by day training template and weekly log reviews with recommendations accompanying each review adjusting training as needed.



Ongoing Sport Level coaching includes: weekly log review with recommendations accompanying each review, an in person follow up consult semi annually to continue to guide athlete & their training towards their goals.

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Performance Coaching

Whereas Sport Coaching provides an overview of what training an athlete needs to do; Performance Coaching takes it to the next level with each and every training session entered into the athlete’s TrainingPeaks account. When there is a performance goal, training needs to move from the general to the specific. We recommend athlete’s switch from Sport Coaching to Performance Coaching for the 6 month period leading up to their goal, and then return to Sport Coaching. This level is available to athletes who are already working with Coach Aimee or Coach MJ at the Sport Coaching level.





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Additional Notes

TOETT does not provide refunds due to the amount of work (in the background) that it takes to review training logs and to perform the necessary preparatory work ahead of consults. The commitment our coaches make to athletes will not be compromised by those who want to ‘test out’ services, or who want to change their minds at will; our desire is to coach and only coach athletes who are as committed to their goals as we are to them.