One on One Coaching

The starting point for most amateur athletes, including masters athletes is by joining some sort of training club or team. Athletes benefit and improve based on foundational and fundamental aspects of the sport with those groups but there is a limit to what group training can accomplish. At some point, athletes seeking to progress beyond Novice level of competition need individualized training in order to address their individual needs, and more specifically, training to address their individual weaknesses.

Athletes win on their strengths, but lose because of their weaknesses.

Bill Sweetenham, Head Coach UK & Australian National Swim Teams

One on One Coaching is available for:


Ideal for those living in condos with a pool. Put that pool to use… for you, for your kids. Learn to swim, or if you are already able to swim a length or a few, why not take the time to improve your technique or learn a new skill (e.g. like how to do proper open and closed/flip turns). Want to train for an open water swim or a triathlon, why not put that home pool to use.


Improving in bike handling skills will result in greater confidence when riding on your own or with a group, or take your bike handling skill set to new levels by training to ride off-road. The world of mountain biking, trail and cyclocross riding will open you up to adventures you cannot have on the road. Whether its learning how to clip in or out of pedals, gaining triathlon skills for speedy transitions or cyclocross skills to manage obstacles… there is tons to learn.


Running seems simple enough… put one foot in front of the other and repeat. Yet running with a light effortless stride doesn’t come so easily. Why? Because there is actual technique to putting one foot in front of the other, and not only that but there is also technique specific for each distance: sprinting, middle distance, long distance and off road/trail running all require specific skill sets. Training technique is what yields personal bests on & off the road.

Dryland Training

The basis of all peak performance, of consistent peak performance, or simply of performing consistently at your potential – injury free – always comes down to dryland training. You cannot isolate your core when training a sport, athletes have to take the time to develop a dynamically stable core… and that happens in dryland, in a gym, training posture, agility, balance and coordination. The shortest distance to new levels of performance start with dryland training.

$75 for 1/2 Hour

$100 per Hour



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