International Triathlon Union (ITU)
Age Group Multisport World Championships
Almere, Netherlands 2020

Qualifying Events

Aquathlon de Gatineau – Multisport Worlds Qualifier

Surprise! Water was 24.7 degrees Celsius… so… no wetsuits (not even if you wanted to wear one). Shows why its important not to train expecting a perfect scenario on race day, but to train expecting all reasonable “im-perfections”. Not only were wetsuits not permitted, but with the wave starts just after 12noon, the aquathlon event was held at peak sun. No matter, the team was ready to take on the challenge, and to qualify for 2020 Multisport Worlds. Based on initial results, it looks like everyone qualified!  Congrats team.  In addition, Tanya took 1st female overall… wow! Tom took 1.5 mins off his 1km swim time (27:13) with the prior time being with a wetsuit, and Andres swam 28:12, an improvement from 31:20 for 1km no wetsuit at the 2018 Stroke & Stride Finale, and 32:01 for 1km with a wetsuit from 2018 Caledon Quarry Swim I. Juan set a 1000m OWS P.B. with a 1:57/100m pace, and Patricia is off to her 2nd Worlds. Also, congrats to the Plazas-Hernandez family as all 3 qualified and are going to 2020 Worlds to race as a family… now that’s something special!
A 150m (+/-) run up to T1 is included in the swim time.
T1 is included in the run time as there is no transition split.

Stroke & Stride Race #3 – Multisport Worlds Qualifier

The final race of the Stroke & Stride series (Race #3) held on the last Wednesday night in August is also a qualifying event for the aquathlon event at the 2020 Multisport Worlds.  There is one (1) spot per age group available. Athletes need to complete their EOI (below for details) prior to race date in order to be considered by Triathlon Canada to represent in Netherlands. For race info & race registration, select the Triathlon page from the Multisport menu, scroll down to the list of Multi Sport Events and click on the link to Stroke & Stride.

Expression of Interest (EOI) to represent Canada at Multisport & Triathlon Worlds

For all Triathlon Ontario sanctioned events, Triathlon Ontario sends out an email to members of Triathlon Ontario ahead of specific qualifying events an invitation for athletes to submit an EOI; however, some athletes will be seeking to qualify at out of province events. In that case:  go to , under the menu item “Athletes/Teams” click on “Age Group”. Scroll down to find “How to Qualify”, expand the option and find “click here to submit an EOI for a 2019 qualification event”.  Find the sport (i.e. aquathlon, sprint triathlon, etc…), find the specific event at which you will be trying to qualify, click on it, register and pay. After paying you are done, no need to write anything.
NOTE: Expressions of Interests (EOIs) must be completed before you race at the event.