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We believe the first skills all cyclists need to know are defensive riding skills. No different than how we learn defensive driving skills: learning to anticipate and take appropriate action ahead of time to avoid collisions and crashes. To be able to take affirmative action – to ride defensively and safely – requires cyclists to be comfortable on their bikes. Once comfortable, cyclists can then develop skills of agility, balance, and the coordination needed to develop an efficient and powerful pedal stroke plus the advanced bike handling skills needed for Mountain Bike (MTB), Cyclocross, and Triathlon/Time Trial (TT) events.

The place to start, the place to learn is in the safety of a parking lot, with experienced cycling coaches who will teach bike handling skills in a progression which meets each rider at their level of ability, building confidence and comfort while skills and abilities develop. That’s how we do it @TOETT.

No Formula One driver starts by learning skills at full speed, neither should cyclists.

New Training Program starting Spring 2019

We are redesigning our bike training programs switching from separate learn2 and training sessions into a single series of sessions which will run from spring into summer allowing all levels of on road and off road athletes to train together.  As our programs grow, family and friends who didn’t jump in at the start have seen their spouses, their kids, their friends spend this past summer, training, racing, enjoying new experiences and some awesome successes. These family and friends, along with new families and friends need a way to join in without feeling like they have to ‘catch up’ in order to train with a team. Our redesigned programs will make this possible.

Athletes who are starting out and need to learn the basics will be able to do so alongside experienced athletes who need to continue to train their bike handling skills to become that much more competent on and off the road. After this years competition schedule in triathlons, on and off road cycling events such as the Tour of Pelham, the Kelso MTB [mountain bike] series and the O-Cup MTB Provincials we learnt that to continue to progress in the sport of cycling, improving in our bike handling skills is a must.

We look forward to seeing you next summer.

10 Basic Cycling Skills Every Triathlete Should Master

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