2019 Results

Kelso Mountain Bike (MTB) Series

The season opened last night with sunny but cool conditions. Overall the trails were dry and compact with only a few damp spots. New this year… the Novice course will have ‘short cuts’ allowing the Novice race to truly be Novice. Technical sections that Sport & Expert levels can ride will be skipped by the Novices, and the opportunity is to split the field on the descents allowing the Novices to ride at their pace. With these new aspects to the series implemented, the race last night felt thinned out without as much passing required. As for TOETT athletes.. only a handful were on hand to start the season as many are skipping the early races to prep for a 2020 Worlds qualifying event in early July; we look forward to having the entire team on hand mid to late season.


Race #7 – results link here
Race #6 – results link here
Race #5 – results link here
Race #4 – results link here
Race #3 – results link here
Race #2 – cancelled d/t wet trails
Race #1 – results link here

Athletes by race category:

Carolina, Gabe, Leslie, Tom, Juan, Andres & Patricia and now… Landyn (who moved up from Beginner)

Sport:  Serena & Aimee

Expert:  Mark & MJ


Race #14 – results here
Race #13 – results here
Race #12 – results here
Race #11 – results here
Race #10 – results here & Beginner
Race #9 – cancelled d/t wet trails
Race #8 – results hereBeginner

Patricia @ Kelso MTB Series Race #12 – Novice Course

It was three years ago that Patricia decided she wanted to learn how to ride a bike… that’s right… in her 50s, Patricia decided she wanted to learn how to ride a bike so that she could go on family rides and compete in triathlons. This week, Patricia competed in the Kelso MTB Series at the Novice level for the first time! That may not seem like much to someone who started riding bikes as a kid, but three years ago, Patricia was scared of the bike skills she was learning as we practiced straight line riding, turning, braking skills, etc… in the parking lot of Brant Cycle. After crossing the finish line of Tuesday nights race I asked her… what would the Patricia of three years ago say if she was told that in 3 years she would be riding up a ski hill, following single track over roots, stumps and rocks, and then riding back down a ski hill on a trail carved to have fast sloping turns… her expression… said it all: she just achieved another amazing success, only 3 months after racing at 2019 Multisport Worlds in Spain, and only 1 month after qualifying again to race at the 2020 Multisport Worlds in the Netherlands.

To put into perspective how amazing this achievement is, I asked Patricia exactly how much riding experience she had as a child, she replied via email…

Well, I don’t think I can call it riding. My mom tried to teach me how to ride a bike but the one that we had [in Colombia] was too big for me, so I had to be standing all the time. I tried just a couple of times and that was it. It was very stressful, I remember.

The point : this year where Patricia has already seen success after success [and its only August] didn’t start in January of this year, nor in January 2018, but 4 years ago when Patricia decided to learn how to swim, start running, and 3 years ago when Patricia decided to learn how to bike. She gave herself permission to start at the beginning, to start at her ability, her level of skill, gave herself permission to take the time to learn, to practice, to enjoy the process and as importantly to race in events at her level. Now, after a few years of consistent training the results are starting to roll in. Start right, progress respecting the rate at which you develop technique, gain skill and build capacity and you will find that there truly is no finish line.

Congratulations Patricia, and thank you for continuing to remind us what it means to pursue joy.

Multisport Toronto Island Triathlon

What a year for triathlons… Grimsby was changed to a duathlon because Lake Ontario was too cold (mid summer) and now the Toronto Island being partially submerged required the triathlon to be changed to an aquathlon. The challenges didn’t end there, there was rain, and then lightning and thunder which caused a delay of the race start. The run was uneventful compared to everything else.

With that said, the Plazas-Hernandez family finished placing like never before : everyone took 1st place in their age category and if that wasn’t enough super stardom, Juan was also the top male finisher of the event (and that was also with Patricia going off course and having to be redirected by the kayakers; it must be noted that Patricia swam off course only because she was following the course race officials instructed her to follow prior to the race start).

In a post-race review email, Juan shared that ‘breaking the tape’ was a dream he had, and getting to fulfill that dream today made him very happy. With a dream fulfilled Juan, take a moment to enjoy the memory of running down that finishing chute, of hearing your name called out and of being the top male and then… dream another dream and get to work to make that one come to life as well.  Congratulations Andres, Patricia and Juan… job well done.  The family is becoming quite the bunch of aquathlon experts… good thing considering all of you qualified to race the aquathlon at 2020 Multisport Worlds.

Canaqua Welland Canal OWS (Open Water Swim)

Where to begin? Beautiful day… check.  Beautiful water… check (it was reportedly 24 deg but wetsuits were allowed).  Beautiful venue… check.  What more do you want in an open water swim event?  With 100 or so athletes competing in the 4 different distances (1k, 2.5k, 5k and 10k), the Welland International Flatwater Centre was bustling. Awesome to see the sport growing. Alright, enough of the chit chat… lets get to the results of the 1k event:

  • Andres [1k wetsuit] swam a time of 22:41mins improving upon last years time of 27:17 (a P.B. of 4:36mins…WOW!) & was 1st in M45-49
  • Tom [1k wetsuit] swam a time of 22:20mins improving upon last years time of 23:54mins & was 1st in the M60-64
  • Gabe [1k no wetsuit] swam a time of 19:02mins improving upon last years time of 20:31 & was 1st U17M
  • and Carolina [1k no wetsuit] who hurt her elbow a week ago while MTB’g @ Kelso swam respecting her RT arm, focused on a new level of symmetry in her swim stroke finished in a time of 16:44, and even swimming well within her limits was 1st in W45-49. Plus to prepare for the Stroke&Strides Series Finale [aquathlon event] coming up at the end of August, Gabe & Carolina put in a 5k training run immediately after their swims.

In the 2.5k open water swim event:

  • The team twins swam side by side with Tanya just nudging out Patricia at the finish timing mat by 1sec: Tanya finished in 49:58mins [wetsuit] and Patricia in 49:59mins [wetsuit], swimming pace times of 2:00/100m and both swimming this distance for the first time and both ladies were 1st in their respective age categories W40-44 and W50-54.
  • Juan decided not only to challenge himself with this longer distance event, and he also challenged himself to do it no-wetsuit… wow!  Juan finished in a time of 51:26 and was 3rd in the U17M category.

Absolutely amazing work team… the progress is off the charts and evidence of the work you put in all winter in dryland and more recently the sport specific work you’ve done both in the pool and training in open water.  Congrats!

Click here to link to Chiptime results for all the results from the Canaqua Welland Canal Open Water Swim

Stroke & Stride Aquathlon Series, Race#2

As a warm up for Aquathlon Provincials which are also the final qualifier for 2020 Multisport Worlds, Gabe & Carolina headed out to Gullivers Lake for Race #2 in the Stroke & Stride Aquathlon race series.

Having raced on Sunday in the Trisport Niagara Triathlon (which was changed to a Duathlon – see below), and on Tuesday night in the Kelso MTB series, racing a 3rd event in 4 days was a new experience for both. Now having done this and realizing what they are capable of doing in the midst of training, imaginations should be running wild with what is possible come the end of August when tapered and rested.

Even with the aquathlon being the 3rd event in a row, Carolina ran to a 5km P.B. on Wednesday with that time besting even her stand alone 5km time from earlier this year. Cannot wait to see what happens in a few weeks time. Congrats to both of you on not just one, but three tremendous events in a row.

Trisport Subaru Series – Niagara Triathlon (Grimsby)

Surprise… again! But this time the water wasn’t too warm for wetsuits… the water was too cold even with a wetsuit! Trisport Staff reported that at the start of the Sprint distance triathlon, water temperature was 65 ish, by the end of the swim it was 60 ish, and an hour or so before the start of the Super Sprint event the water temperature had dropped another 5 degrees! And this on a day when the weather network said the temp was 31, and humidex was 38… and its too cold in the middle of summer to go swimming. Who woulda thunk it? So, instead of a triathlon… surprise… its a duathlon. The 400m swim was replaced with a 1.25km out and back run, the waves stayed the same and the race start time stayed the same.
Again, this is why its so important not to train expecting a perfect scenario on race day, but to train expecting all reasonable “im-perfections”. This is why racing needs to be seen as a skill set that has to be developed all on its own.  Too many athletes expect race day to be picture perfect, with nothing ever changing what they think race day is going to be.  During the Sprint Triathlon, 30 athletes had to be pulled from the water with 2 heading off to the hospital with hypothermia… in July, in Southern Ontario (I bet hospital staff didn’t foresee these cases today). This is also why putting all the focus on just one big epic event can fail… because its a gamble: athletes think all they have to do is train for what their image of a perfect race day instead of preparing for all the possibilities race day can bring.
Anyhow, the results: Serena took top overall female, Patricia took 4th place in the 50-59 category and Tom took 2nd place in the 60+ category. At the same time, since it was a duathlon and not a triathlon, since this was everyone’s first duathlon… P.B.s all around for Serena, Patricia, and Tom and also Carolina, Gabe, Juan and Andres! You can always find success… if you look for it.
Congratulations team, that was a curve ball no one could have anticipated and you all rolled with the change without hesitation.

Summer Epic 8 Hour MTB Relay & Solo Challenge

Team Skratch Labs (a hydration & sports nutrition company) invited Mark to join them once again for another MTB (mountain bike) 8hr relay. Earlier this year, the team raced in Albion Hills; on Saturday July 27th the event was held at Hardwood Hills, just outside of Barrie, ON. Mark joined a few Kelso MTB race series athletes as well as a Skratch Labs rep to make up the team. The team took 1st place in the 6person corporate relay category, and came in 16th out of 145 entrants. Pictures will be posted later today. Click here to link to the Pulse Racing results page, and click here to link to the results from the Hardwood Hills 8hr MTB event.
TOETT athletes… next year the opportunity exists for TOETT to sponsor one or a few relay teams to compete in one of these events. Interested? Sharpen up those bike handling skills, log off-road and on-road training miles, get in a few Kelso MTB race series events to prepare, and lets put together a team or two! Laps at races this year have been between 10 & 12km, with Albion being more technical, and Hardwood Hills being constantly up & down with a bit more elevation change than the current Kelso race loop (race loop #4 – 2019 series: Snake Bite, Lime Kiln, Rocky Road, etc…).
Click to enlarge

Stroke & Stride Aquathlon Series, Race#1

What a perfect night for an event… and a perfect night to try something new which is what both Landyn and Tanya did at the Stroke & Stride season opener aquathlon at Gullivers Lake. Landyn had a 300m swim followed by a 3k run, and Tanya had a 1500m swim followed by a 5k run. Landyn’s swim and transition time are blended, but his run splits show that he averaged around 4:10/km. Tanya put in a swim time that almost matched her 1500m SCM pool time and followed that up with the second fastest run time overall [21:24mins]. Nicely done! And congratulations to Landyn who went home with both a water bottle and swim cap for his effort. Click here for RESULTS. For all results click here to link to SpeedRiverTiming.

Caledon Quarry Open Water Swim I

A small group of TOESTees headed north to Caledon on an afternoon much different than last year, and much different than this years spring… it was warm, it was humid, an absolutely glorious afternoon for an open water swim. All five – Carolina, Gabe, Tanya, Aimee and MJ – of us swam in the 2km event (which was 2 laps of the rectangular course… which seems to get a bit longer every year).  Carolina and MJ came out 1st and 2nd overall, and in being winners of the 2km event they both ended up winning a 12pack of Erdinger beer. Aimee followed close behind in 6th place overall, and 2nd female. Gabe came in 8th male overall and we are awaiting results for Tanya who is missing off the draft results list. Evidently the new timing app had issues with last minute registrations and athletes changing between events and from wetsuit to non and vice versa and a handful of athletes are not only missing times, but are missing altogether from the results list. In past years its usually been a few days and a few ‘drafts’ before the final results are posted.

Final Results  –  Click to enlarge

Welland Sprint & Super Sprint Triathlons & Relay

Six (6) individual events and one (1) relay team and… everyone… I mean everyone podium’d! Wow! Click on the buttons to see everyone’s overall times and split times, and the individual buttons to see year over year comparisons. Juan knocked it out of the park with a 6min P.B. compared to last year… 6mins… awesome, and with that he took 2nd in the U19 Mens category and was 3rd Male Overall. Patricia set a 3min P.B. compared to last year… again… awesome. Patricia took 2nd place in the W50-59, Andres took 3rd in the M40-49, Gabe took 3rd place in the U19 Mens category and Carolina took 2nd in W40-49. As for Tom… Tom whose arm had to be twisted into doing a Super Sprint Tri Relay last year, was open to doing the Super Sprint this year and was rewarded with 1st place in his category M60-69. Finally, our family relay team in the Sprint distance triathlon went from initially being recorded as a DNF, then moved up to 3rd and finally with a photo to validate our finishing time, we were moved up to 1st. Next year this is gonna be tough to beat, but we have a year to put in the training to have everyone set course P.B.s.  Well done team! For those not going to Gatineau, we will see you at Kelso first and then at Caledon second.

Guelph Lake I Triathlon –  Sprint Relay

The Plazas family headed off to Guelph Conservation Area on another chilly June morning to compete in the Sprint Triathlon Relay. Patricia swam, Andres rode and Juan ran… everyone doing their favorite event. Patricia’s watch measured the race course as just a couple meters shy of 900 which put her on pace for a PB at this distance for open water swimming and a sub 2min/100m pace. Evidently a few people had to be pulled from the water; considering the spring we’ve had the water temperature was likely on the cool side for many. For Patricia, after swimming in 12-13 deg water at Worlds, anything warmer is easy peasy now. The men followed up riding and running the hilly out & back courses. It was a Fathers Day fun day for the entire family. Next up… Welland next weekend. See you all there.

Caledon Kids of Steel / C3 Triathlon

Third year in a row of… immaculate weather. Who woulda guessed it… after a spring like we’ve had that the day of the Caledon Triathlon would have ideal weather. And, the ideal weather set the stage for a long list of firsts: Andres’ first pool 400m swim (sans wetsuit), Carolina’s first triathlon in 30 years and she was the first female [adult] out of pool, Landyn’s first triathlon… ever, and for everyone else it was the first triathlon of the year. Juan and Gabe built the excitement but before you watch the conclusion in the video… Juan took a lead in the pool, held onto it during the bike but Gabe turned in a 3k run that was just shy of 5:00/km pace on a slippy wet cross-country type run course to pull Juan within sight. Watch the video for the exciting conclusion. Last but not least, we decided to take on the event as a family relay to place 3rd: MJ swam, Serena rode and Aimee ran. Click here to link to the results @Chiptime Results.

MEC Burlington Race #2 Confederation Park 5k

Where to begin? Well… Lesley broke 30mins, not sure if its for the first time but based on pre-race hopes that was much faster than anticipated. Kelly broke 25mins, a 25sec improvement over MEC’s Bayfront Park 5k race last year. Andres set a PB taking off another 9secs, and Aimee broke 22mins for the first time, also a 25sec improvement. In addition, Gabe and Juan took 3rd and 4th in the M10-19 cateogry, Aimee was 4th woman overall, placing 1st in the W40-49 category while Kelly took 3rd place in W40-49. Results are posted on the speedrivertiming.com website under MEC Burlington Race TWO 2019

MEC Burlington Race #1 – Dundas Valley 3.5k, 9k & 12k

Last year it was cool and wet, really really wet and it was drizzling. This year the Dundas Valley race was cold (for April) with strong winds felt even on the valley floor. Nonetheless, everyone huddled at the visitors centre until the last second when Jill announced that the race was starting momentarily.
This year there was a new route for both the 9k and 12k routes with a fair amount of single track and far far more elevation changes. The routes tied into the 3.75k route only to complete another side trail before returning to the visitors centre. Check out the results. So many age category podium positions. Sweet work y’all!

2019 Ontario Masters Swimming Champs (OMSC)
@Markham Pan Am Pool, March 22-24

# of Swims
# of Personal Bests
# of Podiums
# of Age Cat Champs

What a weekend!  TOESTees outperformed once again.  Conquering new events or challenging ourselves to set a personal best in an event with an existing time, we did it all. Last year in Nepean, 4 TOESTees took the podium, this year… we had 6 athletes each take at least 1 podium. In addition, Kate took not only the podium twice, she is the OMSC Age Group Champ in the 50 Fly (42.91 secs) and Carolina – who medaled in each of her events – finished the meet as OMSC Age Group Champ in: the 400 IM (6:07), 800 FR (10:57), 50 FLY (33.61 secs), 200 IM (2:52), and 200 FR (2:28).

Notable performances…

The teams’ set of twins – Patricia & Tanya – both set personal records in the 400FR, Patricia swam a time of 7:23 (a 24sec P.B.) and Tanya swam 7:17 (a 17sec P.B.);  they also both swam to personal bests in the 800FR with Tanya finishing in 14:52 and Patricia in 15:03.

Tom swam at his first ever Provincial Champs and challenged himself for the first time with the 100FR and the 50BR events and swam on all 3 relays helping the team score valuable points for overall standings.

Most notably: in only his 2nd year of competing (and 2nd full season of swimming…he learnt how to swim in 2017) Andres took 16secs off his 100FR time posting a new time of 1:40.53, 18secs off his 200BR (4:11.86), and completed for the first time the 200FR event.

Congratulations team!  Next up we finish the year at the Milton Masters Spring Splash.  Lets try out some new events, bring out some new swimmers and have a great time in Milton as we always do.

Chilly 1/2 Marathon & Frosty 5k

You could not have asked for a more beautiful day…  a fresh coat of snow everywhere but on the streets which were clear and ready for running, blue skies with the sun shining. Temperature at race time was also an ideal -4 with little if any wind… well, it is after all the day of the Chilly Half, Frosty 5k and Frigid 10k.

The Hernandez and Plazas family showed up in full force, with Andres just a few seconds of all his p.b., Patricia took 1:40 off her p.b. running sub 26 for the first time, and Juan… well lets just say that this is a perfect lesson to contrast what happens when you put in consistent training and when you don’t. Capable of running a sub 24min 5k with ease, today Juan demonstrated what happens when you take a break, a prolonged break from running. Still, his time of 26:02 was 40secs faster than his prior p.b. (26:42) which shows how despite not running, the swimming and dryland training has paid off. Hopefully this is the incentive needed to restart consistent running so that when triathlon season arrives… Juan will be ready to run, and run fast.

Carolina ran her first 5k in many many years putting in a benchmark time to remind herself down the road where she started from, and Tom ran the Chilly 1/2 cracking the 2hr barrier. Congrats to all. Great way to open up the season with an unrested and untapered event to test training.

Click here to link to online results
Click on the results image to enlarge

Dare 2 Tri PB-C3-Embrace Indoor Triathlon

As a warmup event for Multisport Worlds in Spain, Patricia competed in Triathlon Ontario Indoor Tri series Race#2. The event was made of 15mins of each swimming, cycling and running with 5min transitions between. Distance from each segment is recorded and allocated points. Patricia put in an amazing performance with splits equivalent to her personal bests in standalone 800m swim and 5k run events and in so doing took 2nd place in the masters woman category. Nicely done!

Alderwood Teddy Bares 44th Annual
Short Course Yards Meet – Etobicoke

# of Athletes
# of Personal Bests
# of Swims

What a showing by TOEST athletes! Results build as more and more TOESTees come out to swim meets to put their training to the test. With Alderwoods being a yards meet, personal bests were set as many events were first time swims for many. For Leslie & Tom with this being their 2nd and 3rd meets ever, they tested out not only new events but longer events. For Leslie the meet was a blow out with a personal best in the 50y BR & 50y FR and only minutes later swimming in her first relay ever – as anchor no less – Leslie reset her personal best by taking 4secs off her 50y FR time. Congratulations to all. Next stop… MSO Provincials in March.

The plan by Carolina for Alderwood: attempt records in 4 events; the outcome…

# of Provincial Records

Carolina rewrote all 4 Masters Swimming Ontario Age Category Records

New Ontario Records in:  1000 FR, 200 IM, 50 FLY and 200 FR (scy)

Carolina now holds records in 7 of the 18 events in the W45-49 category, including all 3 FLY records (50, 100 & 200y). What a performance Carolina, it was amazing to be part of it.

ABOVE: 4×50 (200y) Medley Relay team – Aimee (BK), Patricia (BR), Tanya (FLY), Leslie (FR); LEFT: TOESTees sporting their new team hockey jerseys. Click to enlarge either image.