This weekend there are a couple of spring sales that anyone looking for swim suits, training equipment, and bags or if in the market for a bicycle may want to consider checking out.

On Saturday, Team Aquatic (east of Walkers, north side of Fairview in the strip mall with the Bar-Q restaurant) is having its semi annual garage sale. If you are in search of a swim suit, we would recommend heading into the store this week ahead of the sale to try on suits, get to know your sizing because on the day of the sale line ups for change rooms can be long… as in really long.

On Saturday & Sunday, Brant Cycle (northwest corner of Brant & Fairview) is having its semi annual bike swap. You still have a few days to bring in a bike that you want to sell, or drop in over the weekend to check out what others have dropped off. Have already heard the guys in the store talking about one bike that has come in for the swap… a Lemond frame with SRAM Rival components for under $1,000! Maybe a swap is not the place to look for a top of the line bike, but it is a great opportunity to trade up kids bikes or to find yourself a new category of bike to beat around town on, or for family rides (when TT bars just ain’t right).

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