Its a belief that true success, true potential, true peak performance all arise from one point: true health. Therefore the pursuit and purpose of training is to acquire the healthiest body, mind, and spirit, as these are the prerequisites for any true pinnacle experience. This is achieved by focusing on skill acquisition, learning and refining of technique, developing an acute awareness of where, how, and why the body moves, to the point that the athlete can execute skills, tactics, and strategies on demand even in stressful environments. The result: athletes live out their fullest potential in sport, and in life beyond sport.


By learning how to initiate all movements move from one central point – the core – allows an athlete to train for all sports simultaneously, and allows the athlete to transfer power efficiently throughout their body minimizing stress, strain, and risks of injury and illness. The result of this type of training: athletes develop a degree of efficacy that allows them to outperform in any one sport, in all three sports, and to transition between each sport effortlessly.


Hi Repetition Technique Training [HRTT] = Acquire Skill + Build Base + Refine Technique


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Alderwood Teddy Bares 44th Annual
Short Course Yards Meet – Etobicoke

# of Athletes
# of Personal Bests
# of Swims

What a showing by TOEST athletes! Results build as more and more TOESTees come out to swim meets to put their training to the test. With Alderwoods being a yards meet, personal bests were set as many events were first time swims for many. For Leslie & Tom with this being their 2nd and 3rd meets ever, they tested out not only new events but longer events. For Leslie the meet was a blow out with a personal best in the 50y BR & 50y FR and only minutes later swimming in her first relay ever – as anchor no less – Leslie reset her personal best by taking 4secs off her 50y FR time. Congratulations to all. Next stop… MSO Provincials in March.

The plan by Carolina for Alderwood: attempt records in 4 events
The outcome…

# of Provincial Records

Carolina rewrote all 4 Masters Swimming Ontario Age Category Records

New Ontario Records in:  1000 FR, 200 IM, 50 FLY and 200 FR (scy)

Carolina now holds records in 7 of the 18 events in the W45-49 category, including all 3 FLY records (50, 100 & 200y). What a performance Carolina, it was amazing to be part of it.

ABOVE: 4×50 (200y) Medley Relay team – Aimee (BK), Patricia (BR), Tanya (FLY), Leslie (FR); LEFT: TOESTees sporting their new team hockey jerseys. Click to enlarge either image.

Multisport Canada Triathlon Series Champ

Patricia received today her Series Points Champion plaque for her 3 podiums at Multisport Triathlon Canada events this past summer.  Patricia competed at Rose City, Gravenhurst and Lakeside Try-A-Tri triathlons taking 2nd place at all three events.

Congratulations Patricia!

Impossible is potential

Impossible is temporary

Impossible is nothing

• Muhammad Ali •


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