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Its a belief that true success, true potential, true peak performance all arise from one point: true health. Therefore the pursuit and purpose of training is to acquire the healthiest body, mind, and spirit, as these are the prerequisites for any true pinnacle experience. This is achieved by focusing on skill acquisition, learning and refining of technique, developing an acute awareness of where, how, and why the body moves, to the point that the athlete can execute skills, tactics, and strategies on demand even in stressful environments. The result: athletes live out their fullest potential in sport, and in life beyond sport.


By learning how to initiate all movements move from one central point – the core – allows an athlete to train for all sports simultaneously, and allows the athlete to transfer power efficiently throughout their body minimizing stress, strain, and risks of injury and illness. The result of this type of training: athletes develop a degree of efficacy that allows them to outperform in any one sport, in all three sports, and to transition between each sport effortlessly.


Skill Acquisition + Base Conditioning + Technique Training


Kelso Mountain Bike (MTB) Series

Race #5 – Tuesday June 19th 6:45pm

Race #4 – results link here
Race #3 – results link here
Race #2 – results link here
Race #1 – cancelled due to rain

Athlete list by category:

Juan, Andres, Patricia, Carolina, Matei


Mark, Serena, Aimee, Yuliya


Race Route #1
Race Route #2

Caledon KOS (Kids of Steel) Triathlon

Not sure how Barrie Shepley does it, but his C3 event –  the Caledon KOS Triathlon – had for the second year in a row absolutely incredible weather. Even though the swim was indoors at the Caledon Recreation Centre, having blue skies and warm winds in your face for the bike and run, and right from 8am is awesome for a Sunday morning in May.

Mark & Serena posted tremendous progress by taking over 3mins off their last years finishing times. Us parents couldn’t let the kids have all the fun, so mom & dad both decided to join in the fun by competing in the adults category (actually there were two adult categories 20-35 and 35+). In the end, Mark took 2nd in the 16-19 age category, Serena came in 5th in the 14-15 category, and the parents both took 1st place in the 35+ age category / 2nd overall amongst adults.

Next year, we look forward to more families joining us for the season opener event which has all ages swimming, biking and running… as young as 3 years old.

Results (link here) are on the ChipTime website

Do have to mention the generosity that we were met with at this event… for a grand entry fee amount of $45 for adults, not only does C3 put on a great event for all, but medals are awarded to all categories, and there are sponsor gifts!  Mark received a Roots gym bag, a bike pump and bike headlight, and Aimee and I each received water bottles and $50 gift certificates from Running Free. Honestly… wow! It doesn’t stop there… a bbq with your choice of burgers or hot dogs are part of your entry fee and available once you cool down after your race. What more could you ask for?

MEC Burlington Race #2

Wet, rainy, foggy… and buggy… deja vue all over again for Race #2 in the MEC Burlington 2018 series. 437 runners (166 – 5k, 185 – 10k, 86 – 1/2) along with top Canadian Road Runner Reid Coolsaet greeted the morning in Confederation Park, plus swarms of gnats that seemed to hover just at head height… perfect in case you morning bagel wasn’t poppyseed.  Even with the gnats, the temperature was ideal for a road race.  Reid easily took the 10k in a time just under 31mins, with 2nd place 4+mins behind. Managed to get a finish line pick of Coolsaet who finished 9th this year in the Boston Marathon.  Our crew – The Olympian Experience athletes – managed a few personal bests, and a few podiums. With only 6 seconds separating all the spots on the men’s podium, it was a great race to watch for those who came along to cheer. Results from this mornings run can be found at Speed River Timing (link).

5 km Results

Serena 2nd & Aimee in 3rd

Reid Coolsaet finishing the 10km

Mark took 2nd overall

Lindsey was 4th in her age category

Juan took 3rd in his age category

Patricia was 1st in her age category

Leslie took on the 10km event

Click on a Season for Race Results

The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.



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