Its our belief that true success, true potential, true peak performance all arise from one point: true health. Therefore the pursuit and purpose of training is to acquire the healthiest body, mind, and spirit, as these are the prerequisites for any true pinnacle experience. These are achieved by focusing on skill acquisition, learning and refining of technique, developing an acute awareness of where, how, and why the body moves, to the point that the athlete can execute skills, tactics, and strategies on demand even in stressful environments. The result: athletes live out their fullest potential in sport, and in life beyond sport.


By learning how to initiate all movements move from one central point – the core – allows an athlete to train for all sports simultaneously, and allows the athlete to transfer power efficiently throughout their body minimizing stress, strain, and risks of injury and illness. The result of this type of training: athletes develop a degree of efficacy that allows them to outperform in any one sport, in all three sports, and to transition between each sport effortlessly.


Hi Rep Technique Training [HRTT] = Develop Skill(s) + Build Capacity + Refine Technique

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

Muhammud Ali


TOEST & TOETT Annual Awards
Most Improved Swimmer – Andres

Its a long list of Personal Bests (PBs) so you may want to sit down for this…

Starting with the Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO) swim meet season, Andres achieved the following:

  • At the Alderwood Teddy Bares Short Course Yards (SCY) meet Andres took 5secs off his 100BR, 7secs off his 50BR, 4secs off his 50FR, and took a whooping 23secs of his 100FR (SCY) from 2years ago (from 1:49 to a time of 1:26.5) and on top of that he swam two events he never swam before: the 500FR and the 200BR to round out the swim meet;
  • At the Stephen Forsey Swim Meet (SCM = short course meters), Andres took 4secs of his 100FR and swam for the first time the 400FR in a time of 8:05

Following up with the open water swim (OWS) season, Andres achieved the following:

  • At the Canaqua Welland OWS meet Andres set a 4 min 36 sec PB swimming 1000m (wetsuit) in a time of 22:41
  • At the Canaqua Team Challenge, Andres swam his first ever 2.5km open water event in a time of 1:02.21 (wetsuit) which is holding a pace of 2:30/100m

What a year!  Congratulations Andres… looks like all those kick sets paid off huge… so, you know what that means… plenty more kick sets to come! Amazing work and amazing results!

TOETT Kelso mini-MTB Race Series

Results will be organized according to the category the athlete competed in during the 2019 Kelso MTB series.
Athletes new to MTB racing will be organized in a Beginner category.

Race Route #2 (7.1 km & 115 m elev) – 2019 MTB Series Route1 (click for map)


This course begins at the usual start/finish of the Kelso MTB race series, please start/stop your bike computers where we started and where the finish line was last year. There is a route change because Darryls Alley is one way in the opposite direction of this route, please use Old Farm Lane instead. Old Farm Lane runs beside and parallel to Darryls Alley; the race route reconnects right after Darryls Alley ends and continues along Old Farm Lane. The climb up the ski hill is Quarry Climb… the climb is not marked with caution tape; however there is enough of a remainder of the trail from last year that it can be utilized.

Year over year comparison — if you raced in the Novice level in the 2019 Kelso MTB series note that this loop is not the exact loop from Race #1 last year: this loop is the same for the Sport & Expert levels, but the Novices had a couple of cutoffs that led to the loop being 6.21km long not the 7.10 km that is this loop.  In order to attempt to provide some sort of year over year comparison (mind you, you aren’t exactly ‘racing’ with 100 other MTBers…but this will have to do) I have converted your time to a 6.21km equivalent and also posted your fastest time from the races #1-3 which used this loop.


TOETT Road Cycling – Race Route #1

Race Route (19.2 km & 55m elev) – North Burlington sprint distance loop (click for map)

You can start/finish anywhere you like on the race route. You can ride to/from the route and don’t even need to hit ‘lap’ on your bike computer, I will be able to pull results from TrainingPeaks but I can only do that if you upload your data to TrainingPeaks. If 20k is not enough (1lap), do 2 laps or more… I will create categories based on laps completed. One final point about the data set… please make a note of what type of bike you ride (MTB, RD, Gravel, TT) in TrainingPeaks… I will add bike type to the results to allow for a more fair comparison.

The route is predominantly right hand turns to try and eliminate crossing busy intersections; however, we did have to have a couple left hand turns but they are in a slower traffic area where Brittania and Bell School Line meet. Athletes are expected to obey all traffic signs and signals and respect right of way especially in the roundabouts on Tremaine. Running stop signs to shave a second or two is not worth spending the remainder of the summer in the hospital, and also remember that in any fight between you and a vehicle… the vehicle will win and win easily so please ride smart and ride defensively. The focus should be on setting a benchmark time for yourself for the year so that you have a comparison for the future.

The route: approximately 50% of it has been repaved in the prior year… Appleby now has a nice wide shoulder, Bell School Line north of Brittania has also been repaved nicely and Tremaine is as wide as ever with a massive bike lane.  Enjoy!



On Appleby just north of the dip there is a line of construction pylons as it looks like a car took out the guard rail… the shoulder narrows a bit due to the pylons, just be aware. Otherwise the loop in Google measures 19.6km but my bike computer came up with 19.1-19.2 so will see what your data delivers and will adjust final results to the average.

Also I have found that traffic during the week is slowly building back up so Appleby is at times rather busy with trucks also on this road. If not comfortable with large and loud traffic, consider riding this route weekday evenings or on the weekends.

Full list of race results can be found under the main menu tab “Results“.



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